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Augmented Reality and VR glasses will give humanity experiences that we have never experienced before. Technological and Digital developments that stepped into a new era and presented Metaverse as a gift to humanity and the world. Neom Blockchain Technologies operates in the gaming, shopping, real estate, and tourism sectors of the Metaverse world.

  • The potential for various metaverse games to interact and work together will make the budding blockchain gaming ecosystem a pillar of the global economy. Metaverse games are the next evolution of the Online VR world.

  • Create your virtual stores in the metaversal world, buy and sell physical and digital products in the metaverse. Shopping centers in the metaversal universe will replace traditional shopping.

    You can try the outfit you want among thousands of combinations for your avatar that you created in the metaversal universe and buy it with a single click.

  • Buy real estate in holiday resorts and smart cities where you will enjoy living. You can create your real estate portfolio in the Metaversal universe. A unique cyber life awaits you in the smart cities and holiday complexes of the metaversal world.

  • Visa-free and one-click tourism is possible with Metaverse. You can visit the holiday and touristic destinations of your dreams. Via Metaverse, a New World is coming where you can visit the distant lands you dream of seeing with virtual reality and live the moment instantly.

  • For years, the most curious subject of humanity; Space travels, stars, planets, galaxies.. Here, with the world of Metevarse, people will soon be able to travel between stars in their homes and have much more comprehensive information about our galaxy.

  • Robot residents of cyber-smart cities with artificial intelligence will be more intertwined with humans than ever before, thus contributing to the development of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence, which learns human feelings and thoughts at first hand, will have the opportunity to develop itself in this cyber ecosystem like never before.As Neom Blockchain Technologies, we are building metaversal smart cities where human species and artificial intelligence can coexist.

  • Traditional methods in professional qualification training cost a fortune to both of the organizations and participants in the training. Plus, the waste that occurs after the training and the disposal of these wastes are also a financial liability to organizations. Long story short, old ways are running out of time in professional qualification training.

    Professional qualification training in the metaverse is the ultimate solution to all of these issues. It eliminates the costs and creates a more accessible environment for participants. World is evolving to a more digital world, that’s why metaverse is the new step for qualification training organizations to keep up with the new world.

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